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Fashion Blogger Jelina Smith Shows Us How to Do Ruffles

Fashion Blogger Jelina Smith Shows Us How to Do Ruffles

This season, ruffles are all the raves, from popping up on red carpet events to print magazines. Celebrities are adding a little a flare to their looks and so can you. 

Today we have fashionista, Jelinda Smith of Decatur, Illinois, a Fashion Bomb Daily "Bombshell of the Day" alum, rocking our very own "Humble Diva" t-shirt.  She paired it with some funky black ruffles pants and a blazer. 

Jelinda Smith in Humble Diva T-shirt

Make ruffles great again! Thanks, Jelinda.


Jelinda doesn't follow trends, she makes them.

Watch out, world. Jelinda is coming for everything that hers.

A round-a-way a girl with out of this world fashion appeal. 

When we decided to collaborate with Jelinda, we didn't expect anything short of amazing. If you're not following her on Instagram @shesafashionlover, you need to do that ASAP. This young woman has an eclectic fashion sense that really stands out from the pack.

Not only is her style out of this world, she's also socially conscious, which appears to influence some on her style choices. 

Don't touch my hair sequins jacket with Jelinda Smith

Pictured here she's rocking a "Don't Touch My Hair" sequins jacket as an ode to Grammy Award winner Solange.

Here's what she told the folks over at Fashion Bomb Daily about her incorporating social issues into her look:

“In today’s fashion industry, I believe it is important to have a voice! You cannot let the clothes wear you, you wear the clothes with a meaning.”


Jelinda Smith with Trayvon Martin bag


If you want to see more looks from this flashynista , head over to her site,


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