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How to Stay Fit & Fab with Cameil Ross from!

How to Stay Fit & Fab with Cameil Ross from!

It's that time of year again when the gym becomes full to the max with people who probably didn't work out all winter but they feel compelled to do so now. Can you blame them? Who doesn't want to get right and tight for the summer? Plus, all the crop tops and cut-off shorts are just calling their names. 

Anyone who has ever attempted to live the healthy and fit life knows that although it's doable, "Is not an easy road" like the reggae superstar Buju Banton puts it. But anything worth, one must put in that hard work to achieve it. 

Today, we have Cameil Ross from  discussing how we can enjoy brunch without feeling guilty. She also dishes (no pun) on easy workout techniques to keep us all active. 

Q: So Cameil, you know we at loves us some brunch. How can we remain fit and enjoy the thrill of going to brunch? 

A: I tell my clients to try not to give up the things that they love, but more so think of healthier ways of making them. So if brunch is your thing, maybe try subbing your eggs for egg whites, make your toast whole wheat, use honey instead of syrup, and maybe eat a smaller portion.   

Q: If we really want to get fit, should we remove things like mimosas or sangria from our brunch diet? 

A: In my personal opinion, yes. But I know mimosas/sangria and brunch go hand in hand so try limiting the amount your consuming. Because sugar & alcohol go straight to the tummy!

Q: Do you have any suggestion on basic workouts for people who are lazy AF? 

A: lol, I would say make everyday things a workout. Actually, that's how the idea for my "Stiletto Sweat Session" class came about. I was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone by cleaning and working out so I threw on some heels and started vacuuming and cleaning! So I would say do small things like lunging to the bathroom and back. Squats while you brush your teeth, and jumping jacks during commercials of your favorite show. 

Cameil Ross in stiletto

Q: For people who are serious about working out, how long should we wait to start seeing results? 

A: "Results" all depend on what your goals are so it's hard to say. But we all know the saying "it takes 3 weeks to break any habit" so by then you should at least see a difference in your physical ability. 

Q: Cameil, tell us a little about yourself? When did you begin your fitness journey? How long have you’ve been a trainer? 

A: My journey began over 4 years ago when I lost 20 pounds. From there my journey became more about fitness than weight loss. I wanted to help women achieve their goals like I did so I became certified. My mission is to show women that you can be the brunch girl, the fab woman, the fashionable friend...and FIT! Hence my motto "Train Dirty. Clean Up Nice!" I've been training full-time for 2 years now. 

Cameil Ross posing


Q: How can we get our bodies snatched like yours? 

A: Everyone should strive to be the best version of themselves. But def try my classes at my new fitness studio! 1154 Nostrand Ave. 

Q: Any enclosing thoughts or advice? 

A: Just want to stress to woman or people in general that there will never be the perfect time or day to start working out and living healthier. You just have to MAKE time to do so. And make it fun!  

Q: Where can people find you or get in contact with you?  




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