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How to Transition from Winter to Spring Fashion!

How to Transition from Winter to Spring Fashion!

Whenever we're on the cusp of spring, there are days when we feel like we’ve completely bid adieu to winter due to warmer temps and glorious sun rays. And if you peruse your Instagram feed on those nice weather days, you might see funny memes along the lines of "It feels like 'let's just be friends' weather today" and "Who's firing up the grill today?" It's all fun and games until the temp drops it low Iike Ester Dean and you have to rush home in pursuit of your warm bed.

Clearly, sometimes Mother Nature strings us along like the old man with the fisher rod in the State Farm commercial . But like the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. Just accept Mother Nature for her randomness and dress like you’re ready for anything!

Today we have Amber Richele, a fashion blogger from San Francisco, California who recently was featured on She gets it! Here she is pictured in our light weight “Humble Diva” sweatshirt, with a plaid shirt wrapped around her waist; white jeans, a leather jacket and leopard heels.

Humble Diva Sweatshirt

At a moment’s notice, if the sun is shining way too much and the temperature rises, she can switch into her plaid shirt. If it becomes too nippy, she can throw on her shirt over her sweatshirt or wear it around her neck.

When it comes to transitioning from one season to the next, the key is wearing layers. The "just-in-case the weather" changes shirt over your a t-shirt, while you're in cut off shorts. Or the button down cardigan you can open up, revealing a tank top, just in case the weather gets hot. A nice light-weight scarf works for those random weather days as well. 

What are you go-to fashion items to help you transition from winter to spring? 


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I planned to look this perfect t-shirt.

Here's Amber color blocking in the streets of NYC in our "I Planned To Look This Perfect" t-shirt


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