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Brunch So Hard at I.M. Pastry Studio!

Brunch So Hard at I.M. Pastry Studio!

For me, the brunch experience starts the minute I walk into a restaurant or an eatery. If it's a place I haven't been to before, I take a quick glance at the environment and the patrons before I even speak to the host. My decision on whether or not I want to try a new restaurant, is due largely on aesthetic. If there's a stylish decorum or nice ambiance, I will more than likely get a table and try something on the menu. Take for example, IM Pastry Studio. This spot which defines itself on social media as a cafe, bakery and event venue, is a couple blocks away from my house,  and has one of the warmest and inviting decorum I've ever experienced. Their teal colored walls and plush leather sofa gave me more than enough reasons to check out them out. 

One Sunday afternoon, My sister and I walked into I'm Pastry, initially to get something quick like coffee and a pastry. Upon arrival, we were offered a brunch menu by one of the co-owners Tamika. My sister and I looked at each other and said "why not?".  We were already dressed for the "occasion" in our Brunch Snob tees, so we decided to have brunch a little earlier than our scheduled time, which was after church around 3 p.m. We were there before 11 a.m., the opening time for  the store, but was let in anyway. We had the entire place all to ourselves. Of course in the selfie and ussie world, we just had to take pictures. The entire space made was the perfect backdrop for some beautiful pictures.

Here I am wearing a heather gray Brunch Snob Tee- size XL 


Here's my sister sitting in a black Brunch Snob Crop Top. 

Now to the food. 

I had coffee, and a Belgian waffle drizzled with chocolate syrup, whip cream and fresh fruits. My sister had a turkey cheddar chipotle panini and a virgin mojito. Not only was the presentation of the food impressive, but the taste was also amazing. 


Overall, I had a wonderful experience at IM Pastry Studio while introducing the world to my Brunch Snob tees. I encourage you to visit this spot which is located in Prospect-Lefferts Garden area in Brooklyn. Tell them the bonafide Brunch Snob sent you.  






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