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How I Achieved My Wedding Look for Under $50

How I Achieved My Wedding Look for Under $50

If you're like me, this summer your social calendar is filled to the max with invites to weddings, baby showers, brunches, birthday parties and more. Of course, I can't make every single event but weddings, usually for me, are a must to attend, especially if I already RSVPed.  

I had two weddings scheduled for the month of June.  This past Saturday, I attended one at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden- the second one is two weeks away.  I had a game plan set in motion on how I would navigate going to all these events with out breaking the bank.  

Here's the one for Wedding #1 

  • First, I looked at my closet.  Clearly there has to be something in my closet that I could remix and make it look wedding chic. I had a black and white number that would be my last choice. I wouldn't call it wedding specific but I knew with the right accessories, I could make it look as such. 
  • Secondly, I looked at my mom's closet. Yup, mom dukes' closet. Mom is known for wowing people with her wedding looks. I guess it doesn't hurt that's she's a seamstress, so looking good is sort of in her DNA. I'd like to think that I inherited some of her fashion sense. 
  • And last but not least, I scoured the usual affordable spots like H&M, Mango,  and Zara but nothing really grabbed me. I visited Manhattan Mall in New York City, where I'm from, and shopped some stores like Rainbow , Strawberry and Social Apparel that feature moderately priced apparel. I happened upon this tube top dress pictured below at Karma- it was just $22.99. SCORE! From there, mama knew what to do next.
  • I went to an Aldo store that wasn't too far from the mall. I knew that I  wanted  accessories that would really make the dress stand out without taking too much shine away from the beauty of the dress. 
  • I settled for my light pink wedges from H&M that were already in my closet.
  • I borrowed my sister's two tone beige and gold clutch she got from Aldo.


Voila!!  I had a wedding look that was under $50. Well, that's before they added taxes on the necklace but you get the point. ;) 


Although I was humbled by the number of compliments I received from this wedding look, I couldn't help but to kee kee inside, thinking to myself, "If they only knew what I spent to get my look. "


I'm pictured here with one of my good friends from high school. We both went the floral print route, as so did a lot of guests. We wanted to blend in with Brooklyn Botanic Garden's beautiful scenery. 

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