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What To Wear To Brunch

What To Wear To Brunch



Spring is here and summer near- what better time to switch up our wardrobes and introduce some new pieces to help us feel fresh. Being from Brooklyn it’s not all about going big but more about creating an edgy, casual look that appears to be effortless and cool.

A great trick for your wardrobe is to have plenty of statement pieces that can be easily dressed up or down. For example, take a pair of ripped jeans, a statement t-shirt and some sneaks for running around town in style and switch the sneaks for some kitten heels, add some accessories and a blazer jacket and you have yourself a sassy outfit for that lunch out with friends.

We have some awesome flirty tees here at ,which are perfect for that relaxed, urban chic look.

To make a statement with your fashion wears is easier than it sounds. Layering up can create a really interesting look, adding in a statement necklace over a light scarf and a funky watch can really add to the over-all style.

The most important thing is to have fun with it and don’t stick to any rules. Wear what you are comfortable in but don’t be scared to try something new either. The best accessory is being able to strut your stuff with confidence!

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